Crafting premium bamboo straws​

From the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, our team is adapting traditional know-how to craft premium Bamboo Straws.  With these, we empower our Island and the world to take a meaningful step toward a sustainability. A Bamboo Step.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on earth. Its antibacterial properties and its soft and warm touch make it great particularly food contact material.

These reusable straws were first developed to be suitable and appealing to the hospitality industry on our small island. They have however quickly become very popular with visitors, who have spread the word. Today, the Bamboo Step straws enjoy an international reputation.


When "ECO" makes so much sense

This is the result of design and sustainability coming together. 

The strategy was to offer a very appealing eco product that would be liked and adopted. So it had to beat the plastic straw on every level. It would have to be natural and sustainable, of course. But it should also be beautiful! It was going to demonstrate that “Eco” can also be “Class”.

First, we farm and harvest a very specific species of bamboo. Then comes the natural curing process until maturity. After that, each straw is cut from a selected culm of solid bamboo and fully sanitised.  As a finish, we remove the outer skin to reveal the elegant fibre pattern of this particular species. This last step is very unique to the premium bamboo straws process and what makes them so popular.

Superb Aesthetics

Designed by nature, the premium straws embellish our drinks.

Natural fibre Straw

The soft, familiar feel of the bamboo straw enhances our drinking experience.

Zero Waste

100% Biodegradable, the bamboo eventually turns back into organic nutriments.

Our alternative to single-use plastic STRAW

Make a big difference with a small step

We are all aware of the devastating effects of single use plastic to our ecosystem… Because we have seen the pictures, or see them first hand.

Giving up the plastic straw only solves a small part of a much bigger issue. But it is a great first step! It is also a perfect example of how we can empower ourselves as individuals. By using a natural and sustainable material, we avoid all the troubles that comes with using fossil ressources, polluting manufacturing processes, or have to deal with complicated waste management

Imagine the straws on our beaches were all made of bamboo.

They have made the move

Premium Bamboo Straws in operation

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